Thank you all who joined us on the 19th, Mar. 2023!
See you again SOOOOON!
Attendees can get anime goods at KidzTechCentre.

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Time Table

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Supported by

Kids' Future Investment Project


DreamEDGE Sdn Bhd


Infinitemind Co., Ltd


Datuk Adri



Children need to be exposed as early as possible to form an open mind in all aspects for the well-being of us all.


KFIP Vice President


Children become a bridge between Japan and Malaysia that leads to the bright future! Let's enjoy together!


Progress CEO
Infinite Mind CEO

このプロ ジェクトは子どもたちが主役となり企画・運営をしています。みんなの笑顔の輪が広がることを願っています。

This project is mostly run by volunteered Japanese kids. We hope your smiles bring others’ smiles.


Progress CFO
KFIP President

Young people are always the future of the earth. I wish all of you get something that grows in your mind through the project and that builds up YOUR future.